Real pressed flowers, lichen & mixed media on satin.

ORIGINAL – 1 of 1 only. No prints will be produced. One of a kind.

This piece is inspired by the many pathways which we and nature experience.

Physical pathways, a new walk, a new route to a view. Where there is an element of choice, a change in direction is clear. Note the lines in the picture running together and then splitting off.

Pathways in life, the choices we make can flow smoothly and lead us to the next stage in our lives or they can be sudden and have a dramatic effect on everything around us. Symbolised in the picture by simple and then complex curves.

Pathways in nature – how plants and flowers can grow in so many directions either as a result of seeking out the sunlight from a dark hedgerow or twisting and curling around an obstacle in their way.

Neurological & creative pathways. Having suffered “head injury” type after effects from meningitis I learned that there are various schools of thought to suggest that when brain cells are damaged, new neuron pathways/cells can be created by the patient learning new patterns of thought/ behaviour with some stimuli.

Images of brain scans show the most amazing pathways and systems in our brains which to the untrained eye can resemble bolts of lightning. Having for many years suffered epileptic seizures (now controlled thankfully) I experienced the sensation of having extra electrical activity in the brain which felt like surges of energy/bolts of lightning.

The blue thread represents my experience and indeed anyone else’s surge in decision making or creativity. Powerful and far reaching. I firmly believe it was this whole experience which resulted in my creativity as you see it today.

This piece includes REAL sapphires to represent precious moments of clear thought, growth, activity and ideas.

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