‘Waves Gathering’


Pressed flora and mixed media on satin.

Frame made in Cornwall. Conservation standard UV protective glass (70%). Marine standard mo
isture resistant back board. Ph Neutral acid free mounts.


Artistic interpretation of waves gathering. Sometimes waves appear separated from one another, one building then breaking as another is not far behind. However on other days, the waves build up closer and closer together as if they are almost on top of one another. Almost as if they are scrambling to be the first wave to break on shore.

Real pressed flora, selected and pressed by the artist from her own Cornish garden and the local area. Laid on silks, satins, organzas and light catching fabrics. Pressed flora include, gypsophilia, hydrangea and lichen. Tarnish resistant, colour coated, silver plated copper wire compliments the light catching mixed media.

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