‘Beauty in Blue’


Pressed flora and mixed media on satin.

Frame made in Cornwall. Conservation standard UV protective glass (70%). Marine standard moisture resistant back board. Ph Neutral acid free mounts.


Artistic interpretation of the variety of blues ever present in the seas and skies visible around Cornwall. Yet the hues are never just one blue. The shades change even hourly sometimes. From electric blues to powder blue, nature’s palette has them all. When several hues are present at one time, you’ll find some shades accentuate other blues to create a multilayered fantastical show of blue.

Real pressed flora, selected and pressed by the artist from her own Cornish garden and the local area. Laid on silks, satins, organzas and light catching fabrics. Pressed flora include love in a mist, gypsophilia, hydrangea and lichen. Tarnish resistant, colour coated, silver plated copper wire compliments the light catching mixed media

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