‘Jardin De Verite – Garden of Truth’


Pressed flora and mixed media on satin.

Frame made in Cornwall. Conservation standard UV protective glass (70%). Marine standard mo
isture resistant back board. Ph Neutral acid free mounts.


Artistic interpretation of a garden of truth, where knowledge is clear and undeniable and no untruths, can lay hidden or buried. Yet in this place, there is clarity of thought and judgement and with knowledge, all is well and all is ok. Knowledge is power. It gives a power of sight and understanding, emulated in this piece by the inclusion of peacock feathers. The eye of a peacock feather has long been associated with knowledge and the more feathers you see together, such as a peacock with its full train feathers splayed out on display, the more knowledge is deemed present. This piece also hints at a garden at play, where nature’s innocence and purity can simply ‘be’, dancing in the wind and growing, reaching out.

Real pressed flora, selected and pressed by the artist from her own Cornish garden and the local area. Peacock feathers (from peacocks local to Penzance). Seaweed from local beaches. Shells from local fishermen. Fresh water pearls (dyed silvery grey). Pressed flora include Juncus Spiralis which naturally bends and curls itself. Fused glass. Vintage threads. Laid on vintage ballgown satin. Tarnish resistant, colour coated, silver plated copper wire with light catching mixed media.

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