‘Sea in Motion’


Pressed flora and mixed media on satin.

Frame made in Cornwall. Conservation standard UV protective glass (70%). Marine standard moisture resistant back board. Ph Neutral acid free mounts.


Artistic interpretation of the many shapes created by the sea when it is in motion. From curves to rolling waves. Sometimes we can even see slight angles yet the sea is always fluid, always moving. It’s always many steps ahead of us. Just when we think we can predict where the next waves will go or form, the sea changes. Hence the sea in everchanging motion always surprises us and must never be underestimated. What appears to be a gentle movement on the surface can bely a strong current beneath. Yet the sea is stunningly beautiful in all its form.

This piece includes pressed flora, seaweed from local beaches, fused glass and real oyster shell from Cornwall fishermen (Padstow).

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