‘Serendipity – Chance or Fate’


Pressed flora and mixed media on luxurious duchess satin.

ORIGINAL – 1 of 1 only. No prints will be produced. One of a kind./strong>

Includes 2 real pearls, selected for their abstract shape and iridescent qualities. Large, fused glass pieces especially commissioned by the artist for their shape and form. Rare vintage threads. Flora includes gypsophilia, orchids, stock, ferns from the artist’s own Cornish Garden, hydrangea, clematis, forget me not. Wire is a special-coloured tarnish resistant, silver-plated copper wire, shaped at will and in the moment. Peacock feather included as a symbol of knowledge.

This piece symbolises the special nature of all those ‘events’ or ‘things’ in our lives which seem to appear or happen just at the right time when we are not necessarily looking for them. Often it is only on reflection that the path or series of events leading to something happening, that some of us see ‘coincidence’ and others see more of a plan, destiny or journey of fate.

Naysayers may say that those looking for some meaning to events, will always be able to find reasons to justify a deeper meaning to why things have happened, if they look for things to attribute to events. That all things that happen are open to interpretation or manipulation of the facts to back up an idea that a power bigger than us is at play.

Those with a more romantic view or perhaps speaking from an enlightened personal experience or feeling, speak passionately of ‘something happening for a reason’. That events and things happen because they are meant to, according to a predetermined plan or design.

Whilst this artwork evolved, the threads and flora intertwined almost in a dance of twists and turns, meeting and diverging at apparently random moments on the fabric. Yet when finished, there appears to be a fluidity and natural motion to it. Some would say this was meant to be, the threads and flora fall where they are naturally meant to go. That they are in their right place, where they should be. Yet when the art is being created, it is not done according to a sketch, it is instead formed by the gut feeling of the artist, moment to moment.

Who is right, who is wrong? What does it matter? When happy things happen unexpectedly, we should take it as a gift that is given, however it happened. Life can be challenging at times, so when the good things happen, embrace them. Maybe the ‘moment’ is all about the thing or the event and not necessarily about the whys and the possibilities. Yet a life without the prospect of a promise or destiny of good things to come, of hope, would surely be less colourful and lacking in dreams of what tomorrow can bring.

Serendipity – chance or fate. You decide but don’t forget to live in the moment, or you can lose that special occurrence whilst you’re overthinking the question. Let it happen, let it be – Serendipity.

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