‘Today is Going to be a Beautiful Day’


Pressed flora and mixed media on satin.

Frame made in Cornwall. UV protective glass. Marine standard moisture resistant back board. Ph Neutral acid free mounts.


Artistic interpretation of the perfect start to a new day.

Where layers of carefully selected silks, satins, organzas and light catching fabrics create a depth of colour akin to the rich intense colours of a sunrise matched by no other sunrise. A sunrise which announces its arrival in a sky resplendent with a palette of burnt oranges, fiery reds and shades of gold, rich in subtle tones and hues. How can a day which begins like this, be anything other than a beautiful day?

When nature rewards us with this display of its artistic power, today really is going to be a beautiful day. We have already been given a head start with natures show of colour on a huge scale, filling the skies. So when you see a sunrise, stop what you’re doing and embrace the moment.

This piece includes real oyster shell from Cornwall fishermen (Padstow), fused glass, ferns and pressed flora from my garden and the local Cornwall area and seaweed from local beaches with light catching media.   <<Back To Gallery

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